Rita Fiorucci

I help you to move around in your leisure time

I propose a unique and personalized travel experience for all your leisure activities. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, enjoying sports, yachting or venturing into ski resorts and the high mountains, I’m here as a private driver to take you safely to your destination.


My leisure travel services

Unforgettable ceremonies

Let me drive you in style and elegance on your big day. I’ll make sure your transfer goes smoothly, taking into account schedules, itineraries and any special requests you may have. Enjoy this magical moment without worrying about transportation.

Sports & Events

Whether you’re coming to a sporting event or taking part in one yourself, I’m here to get you there on time. From soccer to tennis, cycling events to marathons, you can count on me to provide reliable and comfortable transportation.


Let us take you from the airport, train station or heliport to the harbor, where your luxury yacht awaits. Enjoy a discreet private driver transfer and a personalized service that meets all your requirements.

Ski and mountain resorts

Winter sports enthusiasts and mountain adventurers can be sure of safe, convenient transport to ski resorts and snow-covered peaks. Travel with complete peace of mind and enjoy your stay in the mountains.

A specific event or additional need?

A specific event or additional need?

In addition to the events detailed above, I can make myself available for your trips, whatever your leisure activities. Don’t hesitate to contact me with your wishes, I’ll be sure to adapt!